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Based in New York City,
F R O M is a AIA & NCARB certifed practice.

What we do

Working closely with our suppliers and manufacturers, we use our specialized knowledge of high-end construction and detailing to deliver consistent, accurate and timely results.
Our greatest strength is our advanced knowledge of Building Information Model (BIM) technology use and implementation from the beginning of the design phase. Through the BIM system, it is possible to advance coordination between different design trades at the schematic design level, allowing the team to develop the overall project design simultaneously. The result: consistent time and cost savings in the production of design documents.
Our supervision focuses on transferring the design intent from the concept phase into the built project. Together with traditional methods, we implement interaction with the construction site through the use of BIM, helping the team visualize and solve potential issues before completing its tasks.

We work as design consultants for residential and commercial building projects of any scale

Our Approach

We provide architectural coordination and construction administration. While leveraging state-of-the-art building technology, we maintain a local, hands-on design process with a sense of traditional craftsmanship.

Our Experience

The founding partners have collaborated on projects including residential and commercial developments and interior fit-outs in New York City and abroad for over 15 years.

We value local resources and heritage, and endeavor to create projects that can establish a relationship between new facilities and their community.
We believe that architectural planning done in such a way can protect cultural ecology while enabling a transformation of lifestyle.